Vila Real is a Portuguese northeast town, located in a hilly landscape, clinging to a headland far above the Corgo River.

From the city center Miracorgo Hotel, as the hotel name imply, you have a privileged view over the Corgo gorge.

At Vila Real limits, you can visit a noble family’s palace, which was decked out in Baroque decoration by the Italian master Nicolau Nasoni in the 1700s. You might recognize the image of this palace from this famous Portuguese wine bottle.

Nicolau Nasoni also worked on the finest church in Vila Real, one of a selection of distinguished granite buildings in the old centre.

In the countryside, beyond the City limits, you can visit: the mountain ranges of the Alvão Natural Park, or Bisalhães, a village that produces black clay pottery awarded UNESCO immaterial cultural heritage or the eerie ruins of a Roman sacrificial altar in Santuário de Panóias.